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Villa Marino (Palazzo Gorini)


The history of the Baroque palace we see today which was built on the site of the 15th century residence of Stefano Stampa, is tied to that of a bloody event. According to some witnesses, it was built in the 16th century by the wealthy banker from Genoa, Tommaso Marino who it is said murdered his lovely wife here and then fled. Since that day, the building has borne the name of its notorious owner. There is a main building and its midpoint is aligned with the avenue connecting it to the Naviglio on the side of which there is the wing that enclosed one side of the farmyard. The U-shape is laid out so that the front faces the waterway. From the central arch of the portico the visitor can pass from the corte civile or courtyard to the farmyard mentioned above, the corte rustica. On the left-hand side, there are two enormous spaces built in 1822 to hold the oil press; to the right, there are two reception rooms, one bigger than the other. The rooms on the ground floor overlook the garden which stretched to the east of the villa. The villa is currently private property.

via Gozzadini, 31 - Gaggiano