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Villa Mörlin-Visconti, now Grosso Pambieri


Situated within the town along the central axis perpendicular to the Naviglio, Villa Moerlin Visconti is a smaller scale reproduction of the great 18th century villas in Cassinetta. Its Neoclassical style is harmonious and linear so it blends in effortlessly with the pre-existing buildings. Villa Moerlin Visconti was built between 1825 and 1827 by the noblewoman Paola Cravenna Clari. The building is laid out around an entrance courtyard with the main building in the centre and two wings closing about it like a hook on the side along the road forming the perimeter of the entrance garden and making it seem more like an inner courtyard. The facade is linear and without excessive ornamentation apart from the cornice in bas relief on the central window and the columns of the entrance portico. Inside the main building there are reception and entertainment rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms on the upper floor. The servants’ quarters and storerooms were located in the wings. Villa Moerlin Visconti is a typical example of the minor Neoclassical style where the spaces are laid out according to logical criteria and efficiency. There are none of the elements of the late Baroque period and grandiose taste which was so typical of villas built in earlier epochs. The villa is currently in private hands.