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Villa Rusconi


In architectural terms this is the most important civic building in the city. The palace incorporates pre-existing buildings from the feudal residence of the Visconti family and was extended by the jurist Gian Giacomo Corio towards the end of the 17th century after it passed to his family during the middle of that century. The Corio family retained the palace throughout the 18th century until Castano and Buscate came under the dominion of Don Antonio Nuño de Portugal conte de la Puebla Colon. Some scholars maintain that the Villa was extended and rebuilt under dal Nuño and his heirs, but it seems more likely that the family of Count de la Puebla never actually lived in Castano and that the building was left in the care of the Corios. In 1815 the Corios sold the villa to Giovanni Battista Bellati whose heirs then sold it to the Rogorini cousins in 1833. Subsequently it passed to the Corti brothers of Milan who built a textile mill in an area of the garden. In 1873 it was purchased by Giuseppe Ronchetti who further extended the textile mill. Then there was a new change of ownership in 1923: the palace became the property of the entrepreneur Giuseppe Rusconi, and this is where it got its present name. After it became property of the town, the villa was almost destroyed in a fire in 1992. After lengthy restoration work it was reopened to the public in 1999 and it now houses the Town Hall.