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Villa Visconti Castiglione Maineri


The origins of the villa certainly go back very far in time. The lands were already property of the Viscontis in 1392, the year in which the branch which starts right in front of the villa was constructed. The building is now H-shaped and has three storeys with a NW-SE axis along the Naviglio to which the building turns its side and not the front facade. What appears to be a single complex was actually the result of a series of modifications over the course of centuries. The double garden is on two levels: the first, Italianate, ends with a central niche in front of which it seems plays were performed, while the second in the English Romantic style, was designed by Balzaretto in 1850 and consists of a large central lawn with trees and an amphitheatre. The area to the rear was planted as an orchard. The chapel has two distinct spaces, one for the public which opens onto the road and the other with the altar. Although the architect is unknown, the frescoes are by Ferrario (1728). On the south-west side there are residential and farm buildings once known as the farmer’s house or casa da massaro and tenant’s house or casa da pigionante. These buildings are also situated along the road that runs parallel to the Naviglio. The house passed from Donna Amalia Castiglione to her cousin, the engineer Benigno Mörlin Visconti Castiglione, who began the lengthy restoration process. The villa can be rented for events, weddings and conventions.