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Floating Pontoons

Installation of floating pontoons: 2 pontoons to increase moorings on the Naviglio Martesana and 1 pontoon to bring the landing stage of  Abbiategrasso on the Naviglio Grande up to standard.

The operation involves construction and subsequent installation of movable landing stages made out of metal.

This structure, which is extremely simple from a structural viewpoint but extremely effective in terms of utilisation, consists of a gangway connected to the shore which rests on a floating structure at the other end which serves as a mooring for boats.

The major advantage of these constructions which will be located in three different municipalities is how quickly and easily they can be moved around the canal network since the gangway can be supported by floats and transported along the waterways.

These structures also make it possible to use boats for the disabled along the Navigli tourist system since the slant of the gangway can be reduced to the legal limits.