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Landing stages

Redevelopment of existing landing stages (maintenance, construction of facilities and bike-train-ferry interchange)

Navigation along the canal makes it possible for a wide range of users to enjoy the environmental amenities and historical and architectural beauties for which the Southeast of Milan is renowned: cloisters, churches, villas, farms, historic villages, etc.

The landing stages constructed in the recent or distant past which have been renovated are elements which bring together the landscape and social life of the communities located along the Naviglio Grande, for many centuries the route of preference for the transport of goods and people to and from Milan.

Landing stages and pedestrian and cycle paths in good or excellent condition are a genuine opportunity to incentivate tourism in various localities and the surrounding areas. They also provide the conditions which allow tour operators to propose reasonably priced tour packages both for the EXPO and over the long term.

The landing stages concerned described below are those encountered along the Naviglio from Cuggiono to Corsico and are the following:

Castelletto di Cuggiono, Bernate, Boffalora, Ponte Vecchio di Magenta, Robecco, Cassinetta di Lugnano, Gaggiano, Corsico.

Extraordinary maintenance will be carried out on these landing stages. Where necessary, improvements will be made for tourist navigation to make mooring easier for the boats.

These landing stages will be identified in special information noticeboard and in the vicinity of at least of them information totems will give information on points of tourist/cultural interest.

There are also plans to add a new dimension to the navigation package by providing bicycles in order to integrate the boat trip with a bicycle ride around the area.