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Cimento winter

Cimento invernale 27 gennaio 2013 MIlano Naviglio Grande (24)

On 25 January 1895 the Canottieri Olona proposed in the 1st Winter Cimento, in which seven brave undertook in a race over 150 meters into the icy waters of the waterway. In those days, the event helped to spread the passion for swimming between the Milanese;there are reports of continuing this appointment until the early 60s.

Since 2009, the New Rowing Olona and Navigli Lombardi reproduce citizens the opportunity to dive into the Naviglio Grande near the church of St. Christopher, the most loved by the Milanese. The moment of sports facility shows the Milanese on the banks of the waterway and contributes to the appreciation of the river that borders the city since the time of the Visconti.

Inside the Milanese tradition was revived even the Ice Trophy : a challenge among the five athletes and five of Rowing Rowing Olona Milan that saw the two historic rowing clubs face off in a thrilling lap swimming, a distance of about 100 meters. 
The latest editions have also seen the participation of a group of disabled athletes, an authentic paracimento to mark the passing of another barrier thanks to the values ​​of sport, passion and sharing.