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Come see what makes the Navigli great during the festival that celebrates the historic Milanese canals and the element from which they are made: water. FAN – Navigli Acqua Festival is figurative art, design, planning, music, cinema, theatre and dance. A calendar of events and initiatives on the Navigli, where the creativity and productivity of the area fed by the waterways turns into two weeks of fun, culture and entertainment from morning to night.

This PROJECT, launched in 2013, will grow over three years and reach its apex in May 2015 to coincide with the inauguration of the Universal Exposition. 2013 was Year Zero and was a resounding success beyond all expectations.

2014 will be the first true edition of the Festival with a calendar of events in Milan and on the Navigli canals dedicated to the excellence of the produce of Milan and Lombardy, innovation and cultural traditions. (April-May 2014).